My generation.

My generation seems to lack a sense of community. While Facebook and Twitter are thought of as bringing people together, it also separates us. We lack face to face actions especially when it comes to improving the community. During my first year of college I’ve noticed just how much people tend to keep to themselves much more then in high school. I feel that this could be fixed if the community had more events and activities that brought people together. Since I’m not yet 21 I’m not yet able to go to many places downtown to meet new people. Even though I’m aware that you don’t need alcohol to have fun, I’d still like to be able to socialize with my friends that are 21 in the bars, so even my age is a small drawback for me when looking for a sense of community. I have sought activities at my college to do with my peers but none were very satisfying or my kind of fun. I’ve grown to love just me and my small circle of friends despite the fact that I seem to have trouble making new ones. I try to create my own sense of community  with my friends by inviting them to arranged events or going somewhere that we could all enjoy. I’ve learned to just prefer and stick to that. I’m very lucky to have the friends that I have and they definitely give me the best sense of belonging and inner peace. I guess my own little community is the best thing for me and I’m beginning to be okay with that.  Finding a place in this world is something that is very hard to do, especially when it doesn’t always feel so welcoming. Sometimes you have to make your own sense of belonging in order to achieve happiness.

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“Till death do us part”

I’ve always thought legally getting married and signing the papers were rather pointless. Even though my parents jumped through the hoops and signed the papers, I don’t think I’ll be doing the same. Marriage to me has always been a very archaic practice and since I don’t agree with the religious side that comes with marriage as well it wouldn’t be practical for someone like me who has no religious obligations to uphold to follow through. Marriage is seen as the end goal of a relationship and we as a society congratulate those who are lucky enough to “settle down”. Engagement is as easy as a question, a ring, and a change of a Facebook status then the wedding itself (along with the ring and the overall preparations) costs thousands of dollars all leading up to one day that you and your checkbook will never forget. If that marriage ended in divorce it costs even more money to legally separate. The average divorce attorney charges $250 per hour in a case and I for one am not comfortable with the idea of the government having to confirm wether the relationship is over anyway.

Even if money was no object, the rarity of marriages that last “till death do us part” is not common is our modern western society and statistics will show that 40 to 50 percent of married couples end their happily ever after in divorce. I’m not suggesting the elimination of marriage, but to reconsider the importance of it altogether. Even my parents who were married for fourteen years ended their relationship in divorce which still lead to unsettling amounts of issues and arguments in the end. While the ceremony is still a very beautiful public display of commitment, the papers that comes with it have big downsides. You can still build a stable and loving family without tying the knot with the same parental capability as well. For those who are confident in their goal to get married, be sure to consider all possible outcomes before going though with it. There is nothing wrong with ensuring a promising outcome for yourself.

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A family drifted like tectonic plates.

Growing up in a divorced house hold always made me wonder what it’d be like if I had parents that were married and in love. My parents married when they were young (23) and were together for 14 years. When I was two my mother became unhappy in her marriage and began seeking advice from friends and then eventually a counselor. She had told my Father that she was questioning if this marriage was right for her but said she was still willing to work things out. They both sought help from a counselor who my father claims said to him that “this was all my mother’s fault” but my father has never been a man to admit his own short comings and his cynical personality shines through often when I encounter him. When problems weren’t fixed, my mom moved out when I was three into a two bedroom apartment with my seven year old brother. I remembered the new smells and surroundings and didn’t understand what was going on between my mother and father. They made sure not to fight in front of my brother and I but this only lead to more confusion for me. I resented my mom for tearing our family apart at first but as I got to know my father better I completely understand why she wasn’t happy being married to someone of his caliber. It’s been decades since my Mom and Dad got their divorce and my father has grown hatred for her. He since then has been remarried to a woman named Heather and as a result my Dad eventually moved away to Augusta Georgia. Since then I haven’t spoken to my father in years and I do miss him from time to time but I ultimately believe that our personalities will never match. I’ve tried reconnecting but our conversations are so unsatisfying and empty that we’ve since faded to silence once again. I guess things worked out the way they were always going to.
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Lucky there’s a great show.

Entertainment means many different things for many different people. For me entertainment is Gaming or Netflix. Lately I’ve been watching a lot of Family Guy, which is an animated show featuring the Griffins; a family of seven that lives in the small town of Quahog, RodeIsland. The show is about the adventures of a discombobulated, quirky family with ludicrous reasoning and a “don’t hold back” kind of humor. Having a mastermind baby named Stewie, a democratic dog named Brian, a looser daughter that no one likes named Meg, a slow son named Chris, and  an idiotic husband as the protagonist. The show is known for the controvecial humor about subjects that most wouldn’t feel comfortable making jokes about.

They have great political humor poking fun at George Bush and how he acted in office along with Reagan and Nixon as well. While it seems that “Family Guy” is just humor, it makes kids think about the reasoning behind religion  or why its important to pay attention to what the government is doing. Some may take this show as being offensive, and while I agree that it can be derogatory it points out things about real events and people that people had forgot about or had never thought of in the first place. The show has been running since 1999 and is still ongoing with new plots. The creator Seth McFarlane admits to growing up watching the Simpsons as a kid and knew that he wanted to make a show with similar humor and style. He’s definitely achieved his dream, winning many awards and achievements for his works. I watch this show almost everyday and have seen every episode and It still makes me laugh with the hilarious cutaways. This show has brought real joy and entertainment to my life as a kid and still does even now as an adult.

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